Abundant Living

About the Abundant Living Program

The Abundant Living Program is founded on Biblical principles from a holistic perspective.  Participants learn not only money management skills but skills that affect every aspect of their lives.  Our approach is through community classes given in a non-judgmental, loving, and relationship building environment.  Our goal is to educate, encourage, and empower participants towards a life changing transformation.  Our hope is that participants will discover that Jesus came so that they may have life and have it abundantly.

While going through the Abundant Living Program, participants can earn food distributions, haircuts, Christmas gifts, oil changes, gas cards, and other resources to assist in reducing their spending while paying off debt.  On average, graduates reduce their debt by $7000.00 while participating in the program.

We also offer child care for your children so that you can focus on changing you and your families futures.

Abundant Living Courses

Money Matter$
Money Matter$ is designed to improve spending habits and paying down debt.  Participants also learn habits of tracking spending, making a budget, and saving for their future.
This Relationship course provides practical tips for navigating family, friends, marital, work, and everyday acquaintances interactions.  Participants will discover their love language as well as their significant others for better communication.
Nutrition & Fitness
This Nutrition & Fitness course is taught from a Christian perspective by a professional nutrition coach and fitness expert.  Participants who engage in this program may earn free fitness classes after completing the course.
Emotions that Destroy
This Anger class helps participants understand the importance of emotions, why we were created with emotions, and what the Bible says about hard emotions such as anger.
This Boundaries course provides awareness of the role that boundaries play in everyday life and how to develop a healthy framework.  Participants explore tools and resources that help develop healthier relationships.  
Single Parenting
This Single Parenting course provides practical tips on how to raise children to become responsible adults, improve relationships, and find a community of support.