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Love INC — Love In the Name of Christ — is a national organization with local affiliates. The national organization was founded in 1977 by Dr. Virgil Gulker with one mission: mobilize local churches to transform lives in the name of Christ.

Love INC helps organize and mobilize those existing churches to be the hands and feet of Jesus. We help churches help people (motto) in the greater Boise community.


Core Values

All Love INC affiliates share 10 core values.


  • Christian: Everything we say, think, and do is in the Name of Christ.
  • Prayer: Prayer is an integral part of who we are.
  • People in Need: We follow Christ’s example of serving people in need.
  • Unity: We value unity in the Body of Christ.
  • Transformation: We value transformation in the lives of people and communities.

  • Churches: We value churches living out the two Great Commandments to love God and love their neighbors.
  • Relationships: We value building Christlike relationships.
  • Connectedness: We value connectedness in the Love INC movement.
  • Excellence: We model excellence.
  • Maturing: We value continually maturing in our capacity to meet people’s needs.


Our Ministries

We field hundreds of calls from families, churches and agencies each month.  Our Clearinghouse listens to their story; we vet the legitimacy of the need but more than that, we determine the depth of the need and engage them in the solution as we connect families with “hand-up” resources throughout the churches and community. Our three-tiered approach offers increased levels of connectivity:


  • Our Service Model starts with Clearinghouse: Trained volunteers listen to the caller’s story then brainstorm with caller about resources.
  • GAP Ministries: Through volunteers and donations we are able to provide products and services not easily or readily accessible in the community such as diapers, clothes and hygiene & cleaning products and on occasion, furniture at no cost to our Clients.
  • Community courses:
    • Abundant Living is a community that meets weekly and offers 9 months of  courses focused on empowering people to “throw off everything that hinders” (Heb 12:1-3).  Classes emphasize basic budgeting, life/relational skills and ways to save. Since 2014 graduates have each paid down an average of $7000 in debt!
    • AL Kidz Program is currently suspended due to Covid 19 precautions.  … recognizes that getting the whole family on board makes change sustainable.  The AL Kidz curriculum is designed to mirror parent learning, support kids’ curiosity and concerns about money and set parents up as natural role models.
    • AL Holiday: From November through January we strengthen families by helping them redefine their holiday.  We create family fun around how to have a debt-free, stress-free, guilt-free Christmas and how to navigate the New Year with intentionality.


Location & Contact


Our office and ministries are located within our partner churches. Give us a call or email and we’ll connect you with the right person and location.


If you’re interested in Abundant Living, reach out to Gigi at 208-947-1527 or email


If you’d like to volunteer, connect with Andrea at 208-947-1530 or email


If your are an agency or benevolence leader coordinating care, reach out to Lesa at 208-947-1529 or email


If you need help, please call our assistance line at 208.377.3502 Ext 1. Please note that this is not an emergency service. Most phone calls are routed to voicemail. Leave your name and local number, and a volunteer will reach back out to process your application and determine how we can help you best.


Email general inquiries to


Visit our Facebook page here.


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